Meet our Team

Meet our Team

Jonas Blandford

Dip.Physio. M.Manip.Th. Cred. McKenzie

Jonas is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who graduated as a physiotherapist  in Copenhagen Denmark in 1997. He completed a Master of Manipulative Therapy at Curtin University in 2001. Jonas combines his many years of experience working in Denmark, Sweden and Australia, post-graduate qualifications and latest research to provide an accurate diagnosis and effective physiotherapy management.

He is a highly skilled ‘hands-on’ physiotherapist  providing mobilisation, manipulation, soft tissue therapy, dry needling (acupuncture) and other hands on treatments to help get you better fast.  Jonas has a special interest in fitness and is able to prescribe individual rehabilitation programs for musculoskeletal disorders.

Julia Blandford

B.Sci.Physio. M.Manip.Th (Distn)

Julia is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who completed a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) at Curtin University in 1994 and a Master of Manipulative Physiotherapy (with Distinction) at Curtin in 2001. Julia has extensive experience managing all musculoskeletal conditions and applies the latest research in making an accurate diagnosis.

She is highly skilled in manual (hands-on) physiotherapy and has a special interest in managing neck, back pain and headaches. Julia is experienced in managing pregnancy related back and pelvic pain.

Julia has extensive experience managing sports injuries and has a particular interest in managing swimming injuries- from the recreational pool or open water swimmer up to the elite athlete. Julia currently works with the Bunbury Swimming Club and their National squad providing Musculoskeletal screening and guidance on the swimming specific Strength and Conditioning program.

Julia is passionate about providing people with the knowledge and self management skills to manage their problem. She enjoys helping people to make the necessary lifestyle changes including prescribing individual fitness and rehabilitation programs.

Colin Strydom

M.Physio. B.Sc.Sports Sci APAM

Colin holds a Masters of Physiotherapy which he completed at Curtin University in 2008 as well as a Sports Science degree. He has extensive experience as an Exercise Physiologist and combines this with Physiotherapy to be able to provide highly skilled diagnosis and treatment of all musculoskeletal problems.

Colin enjoys working with a variety of sports and athletes and has experience in the diagnosis of acute sporting injuries as well as training management and rehabilitation to return you to your sporting code. He also has an interest in dealing with complex and persistent spinal pain disorders.

His aim is to assist you in understanding your problem and will use a combination of manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation to return you to full function. He is also currently working with the South West Academy of Sport and is able to provide screening for a number of sports as well as injury management.

Dale Scott

B.Sci.Physio. M.Manual Therapy

Dale completed her Physiotherapy degree at Curtin University in 2001 and her Masters degree at UWA in 2009. She has worked in Australia and the UK and has highly developed ‘hands on’ treatment skills, as well as broad experience in exercise rehabilitation. Her area of particular special interest is pelvic health physiotherapy and she has undertaken extensive additional training in this area, including most recently being awarded a Professional Certificate in Conservative Management of Pelvic Organ Prolapse through the University of South Australia in 2022.

Dale has a passion for helping men and women manage issues with continence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain. She also loves to help women navigate the physical challenges of pregnancy, labour and returning to exercise & optimal function after childbirth. Physiotherapy for pelvic health involves assessment of bladder and bowel function, along with rehabilitation of the pelvic floor muscles. Dale has specialist training in fitting of support pessaries, which is offered as part of a comprehensive nonsurgical management approach to pelvic organ prolapse.

Dale grew up in Margaret River and returned to the South West in 2010 to start a family. She has two young children who keep her busy outside of the clinic, and she enjoys keeping active particularly with running.

Ingrid de Beer

B. Physio. M. Manip.Th.

Ingrid is a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who graduated as a physiotherapist in Bergen, Norway, in 2011. She completed a Master of Manipulative Therapy at Curtin University, Perth WA in 2016. Ingrid has worked in private physiotherapy clinics, hospital, community health and rehabilitation clinics. Following her Masters at Curtin University she completed a year of extensive training in accurate and evidence based assessment and management of musculoskeletal disorders, through the University of Bergen, Norway.

Ingrid has a special interest in management of overuse injuries, nerve pain, neck and shoulder pain and chronic pain conditions. She is passionate about identifying the specific factors that contribute to an individual’s pain, and combines manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation and education on self management to help you get better fast.

Ingrid is a certified Pilates instructor, and has instructed Pilates classes for many years in physiotherapy clinics and Pilates studios. She also has several years of experience with strength training. She uses these skills to design individual rehabilitation programs and instruct group physiotherapy classes.

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